"MIUI 13 will arrive very soon with a totally different interface", words of the CEO of Redmi

MIUI 13 seems to be just around the corner . And no, we are not only talking about that large number of rumors that point to its debut at the end of the month or throughout December , but according to the Redmi CEO's own words.

" MIUI 13 will come very soon ", words from Lu Weibing himself, who through Weibo has also added that the interface of this new version of MIUI will be totally different from the current one , incorporating new elements.

Apparently, MIUI 13 will not only focus on the incorporation of new elements and functionalities. This new version will bring with it a considerable change in its interface , starting with its own icon pack.

Main news that we hope to see in MIUI 13

If we take into account the latest news that Xiaomi has been incorporating in the MIUI beta, MIUI 13 will bring with it a new set of widgets and a more minimalist Control Center but with more customization options.

"MIUI 13 will arrive very soon with a totally different interface", words from the CEO of Redmi
Possible appearance of the new MIUI 13 interface

In addition, the change will not only be aesthetic. MIUI 13 will also have certain improvements in its functionalities . Among these we find:

  • Advanced and improved backups
  • Possibility of modifying the typography of the system
  • More information about the internal storage drive
  • New sound options for the screen recorder
  • Revamped system animations
  • Enhanced super wallpapers
  • Ability to create sticky notes from the home screen
  • Access to terminal flashlight settings
  • Interactive and more advanced widgets
  • New AI and camera improvements for all devices
  • Possibility of entering Documents through shortcuts
  • Ability to add reminders on important notifications and manage them

In short, the arrival of MIUI 13 seems to be closer and closer, being in this same final stretch of the year when we see its debut. Of course, let's not forget that it will first be presented in China, to later reach the Global market in early 2022 .

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