Microsoft Office 2021 for Black Friday: Great offer with 40 percent discount

Microsoft Office 2021 for Black Friday: Great offer with 40 percent discount

Microsoft Office is still the standard for office software - both on Mac and Windows. Those who shy away from subscribing to Microsoft 365 would prefer to use the new Office 2021. This is already available with a huge discount as part of the early Black Friday offers.

Microsoft Office 2021 for Mac and PC falling in price

The new Microsoft Office 2021 is actually only a few weeks old and costs just under 150 euros in the home and student version , for example. But even beyond the RRP, well over 100 euros are due in the market. Not so currently on Amazon. As part of the early Black Friday offers, the retailer currently only charges 89.99 euros (view it on Amazon) - makes a discount of 40 percent compared to the official Microsoft price. This means that the version already has a decent price drop shortly after it went on sale.

Customers can choose to receive the activation code in a box or by email . The former is ideal as a gift, but if you don't want to waste time, you can simply send the license directly electronically.

Important to know: The package contains the current versions of Word, Excel and Power Point for Mac and PC (Windows) . These are the desktop versions of the respective apps, intended for a single private user or student. In contrast to Microsoft 365, however, no subscription has to be taken out. The same applies as it used to be: Pay once, install and use.

However, the program versions for tablets and smartphones, as well as the OneDrive cloud storage, are no longer required. So if you are looking for a classic office package, you will be happy with Microsoft Office 2021 Home and Student.

With Microsoft 365 there are a few other things (seen in the video ), but costs money every year:

What is Microsoft Office 2021 good for?

At least 11 reviews can currently be found on Amazon. These result in an overall rating of 4 stars with a maximum of 5 possible stars . First and foremost, various "starting difficulties" are criticized. Not uncommon for such fresh software. But nothing that the manufacturer could not fix with future updates. Still important for Mac users: Apple's own processors (M1 and up) are of course supported.


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