Mi 11, 10S, Mix 4 and Poco F3 series receive Android 12 with Xiaomi.eu

Since Xiaomi decided to enter the testing program of the new Android 12 (Beta), the Xiaomi.eu team was quick to follow in its footsteps. And, as we know, Miui's team often prefers to bring this Beta version only to Chinese territory, while in Europe and America we tend to be left without access to it from the beginning. Something that, for example, does not happen with companies like OnePlus or Samsung .

xiaomi mi 11 ultra mi 11 lite 5g mi 10s mix 4 poco f3 redmi k40

The update to Android 12 Beta arrives with Xiaomi.eu on various Xiaomi models

Well, let's say that Xiaomi.eu was designed specifically for this purpose , to make the ROMs presented in China accessible to all users from other sites on the planet. In other words, we can say that Xiaomi.eu is mainly concerned with "internationalizing" Beta ROMs much faster than the brand itself.

xiaomi.eu android 12 beta

On which phones can we test the Beta version of Android 12 with Xiaomi.eu?

Currently, the smartphones where we can install the Android 12 Beta ROMs that Xiaomi.eu has worked on are the following (from time to time they add new phones, like the Xiaomi version):

  • Xiaomi Mi 10 S
  • Xiaomi Mi 11
  • My 11 Pro, My 11 Ultra
  • My 11 Lite 5G
  • Xiaomi Mi 11i
  • Xiaomi MIX 4 (Canceled)

If you currently have any of these smartphones and you intend to test the new Android 12 Beta, you can download and install the ROM from Xiaomi.eu that corresponds to your device.

Being a custom ROM and let's say "unofficial", you would have to unlock the phone's bootloader and install it through TWRP recovery .

List of changes with the Android 12 and Xiaomi.EU rom

  • System
    Optimization: Android security patch updated to November 2021
    Fix: Sometimes the "Smart Toolbox" bar position was displayed incorrectly
    Fix: Icons were not changed when applying a theme in some cases
  • Control center
    Fix: Sometimes notifications would flicker when swiping left and right to switch between notification shade and control center
  • Settings
    Fix: Location settings stopped working on some devices
    Fix: Could not adjust font size from time to time after resizing multiple times in a short period of time

As of November 8, Beta ROMs for Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra, Redmi K30 Pro / POCO F2 Pro, Redmi K30S Ultra / Mi 10T / Pro, Xiaomi Civi are temporarily suspended due to Android testing 12.

As of November 27, there will be no Beta ROMs for the following devices: Mi 9, Mi 9 SE, Mi 9T / Redmi K20, Mi 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro, Mi 9 Lite / Mi CC9, Mi 9 Pro 5G, Redmi Note 8.

Android 12 known bugs

  • If you are from Thailand, Malaysia, or Vietnam, please change MIUI region to China to temporarily resolve occasional WiFi disconnection issues.


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