Meet the ultimate new toothpick dispenser

My fans know well that Xiaomi never misses the opportunity to launch inexpensive and useful gadgets . On this occasion, we bring you one more example of this. It is a useful device in the kitchen or after eating: a toothpick dispenser designed to make life easier for users. In addition, it is already available on both Xiaomi YouPin and AliExpress.

Código de descuento del dispensador de palillos Xiaomi YouPin

Xiaomi launches a toothpick dispenser

Surely you too have had problems with toothpicks at some point. Being so thin and several come in one box, we often have problems with them. Thinking about it, Xiaomi has launched its toothpick dispenser.

This dispenser is equipped with a practical button that gives us the opportunity to remove a single toothpick ; with which we will avoid both falls and waste. Which means not only an easy solution, but a useful one .

In the upper part of the container, we find a transparent colored lid, which will make it easier for us to recharge the device . In addition, it has a capacity of up to 150 toothpicks .

Xiaomi YouPin Toothpick Dispenser Discount Code

Toothpick Supplier: Price and Availability

This new Xiaomi toothpick dispenser can be found now for sale through the Youpin Mijia Store on AliExpress, at a price of € 4 .

See Xiaomi Toothpick Dispenser

Xiaomi YouPin Toothpick Dispenser Discount Code


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