Luca app before the end: First federal state wants to get out

Luca app before the end: First federal state wants to get out

The Luca app is used by millions of people to be able to check in easily using a QR code. If it turns out that an infected person was nearby, the contact tracing can be carried out via the health authorities. But that is exactly what does not happen, which means that the first federal state now wants to terminate the contract.

Luca app: Contact tracking of corona infections is hardly used

In addition to the Corona warning app, the Luca app is a good tool in the fight against Corona. The state of Brandenburg sees it differently now. " In the meantime it can be determined that the expectations that were placed in the Luca app have not yet been partially met " - was the answer to a request from the AfD parliamentary group to the Ministry of Health in Potsdam. It also says "If the Luca app has not proven itself in practical use by the end of 2021 at the latest, a termination of the existing contract should be considered."

In Brandenburg, 13 out of 18 health authorities have an interface to the Luca app and can thus track contacts. However, this is hardly used, so that the decision is now to end the cooperation and terminate the contract in due time. Only a third of the health authorities see added value in the Luca app. Only one health department is supposed to use the system productively at all (source: Golem).

Accordingly, the data protection problem is also a reason in the ministry why the Luca app is not used for contact tracking, even though the system was actually developed specifically for this and was paid dearly. For the Luca license, IT infrastructure and special telephone numbers, over 1.8 million euros were probably paid in one federal state . Obviously, if the system is not in use, then it is not worth the expense. The final decision should be made by the end of the year.

You should currently pay particular attention to these corona rules from the video :

Corona warning app can read Luca QR codes

While the Luca app shares personal data with the health department in order to enable contact tracking, which raises the data protection problem, the Corona warning app dispenses with personal data and works completely anonymously. You can now also scan QR codes from the Luca app there.


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