Little looks for Beta Tester for several of their phones

Little like Xiaomi, it is looking for a beta tester to test its latest versions of Miui, since the brand, gives a little touch to its Miui Roms and needs to test them before releasing them to the whole world.

poco miui 12 global beta

Poco is looking for tester to test his new update

The brand is looking for people who want to try the latest Miui news on their Poco phones. It is not specified if it is Miui 12.5 or Miui 13 or even Android 12, although the normal thing is that it is Miui 12.5 with Android 11 .

The phones that are being searched for testing are the following 10 , with the different versions of Rom:

1. POCO M4 Pro 5G [Global, EEA].
2. POCO X3 GT [TR, Global, ID].
3. POCO X3 PRO [TW, TR, Global, IN, EEE, RU, ID].
4. POCO F3 [TW, TR, Global, UK, ID, EEE].
5. POCO M3 [TW, TR, Global, RU, ID, EEE, IN].
6. POCO X3 / X3 NFC [TR, EEE, ID, UK].
7. POCO F2 Pro [TR, Global, UK, ID, EEE].
9. POCO M3 Pro 5G [IN, ID, RU].
10. LITTLE C3 [IN].

  • If you want to know what type of Rom you have, visit this article to know it ( see )

How to become a beta tester for Poco?

To become part of the users who will try the latest novelties of the Rom de Poco, you just have to fill out this form .

But BEWARE , to be approved you need to have knowledge about phone recovery in case your phone is briquetted, be over 18 years old, have a phone from the top list, be aware that it could have errors and report all the bugs that are found , among other things.

  • Know all the requirements in the following link , and remember that these tests are done to try to fix the errors before the update and NOT to test the news before anyone else and not to alert of the errors.


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