Lidl gives Apple users a gift: only until Sunday

Lidl gives Apple users a gift: only until Sunday

The large German discounter Lidl has a lot of refills. Apple users can look forward to this week. They get a little extra when they buy the popular prepaid cards for the iTunes and App Store.

Update from November 30th, 2021: Lidl is currently giving away that certain "extra" to Apple users. Depending on the prepaid card, there is an extra credit of up to 15 euros . But first of all, it is important to note that the campaign will only run until Sunday, December 5th (provided the branch is open on Sunday, otherwise it will end on December 4th). The bonus code for the additional credit can be found on the receipt, so please do not throw it away without further ado.

The graduation for the current campaign is as follows:

25 euros prepaid card: 15 percent more (3.75 euros) 50 euros prepaid card: 15 percent more (7.50 euros) 100 euros prepaid card: 25 percent more (15 euros)

Ergo: Unfortunately not up to 20 percent, as in earlier days, but still a nice addition.

Original article:

Who this week from 09/28 If you have an Apple App Store and iTunes card running at Lidl until October 4th, 2020, you get more value for your money. The practical prepaid cards for iPhone and Mac users are upgraded with 15 percent extra credit.

Apple prepaid cards at Lidl: Up to 20 percent extra credit

As a gift there are therefore and specifically the following credit values:

If you buy a card with a 25 euro credit: 15 percent (2.75 euros) on top of that. If you buy a card with a 50 euro credit: 15 percent (7.50 euros) on top of that. When buying a card with a credit of 100 euros: 15 percent (15 euros) on top of that.

Important to know: For the extra credit, the bonus code on the receipt must be redeemed immediately. So don't throw it away and dispose of it prematurely. And how good is the offer? Fits so, there was also 15 percent recently at Aldi, Amazon and Penny, but Lidl was sometimes even more generous before, because there was an extra bonus of 20 euros for cards with 100 euros credit, but only 10 percent for 25 euros ( 2.50 euros). Now the percentage savings are again identical.

Who would have thought such a thing? Be sure to take a look and learn:

What can you do with the credit on the card?

The cards are suitable for music, films and of course apps for iPhone, iPad and Mac. The credit can be redeemed in Apple's iTunes Store, the App Store or the Mac App Store. What is then also possible: Reduce subscription costs for the services booked through Apple. This means that the customer can, for example, book iCloud storage space or Apple Music for less.

Attention: Such credit may not and cannot be used for e-books, the German fixed book price makes this impossible. Hardware in the Apple Store is also excluded, only "soft goods" in the stores mentioned above are suitable.


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