Kaufland gives Apple users a gift: Only valid for a short time

Kaufland gives Apple users a gift: Only valid for a short time

Anyone who goes to Kaufland from now on will receive plenty of gifts and get more than expected. However, only Apple users are happy about this. Because they receive up to 20 euros for free when buying one of the popular prepaid cards for iTunes and App Store.

Update from November 22nd, 2021: Extra credit is only available until Wednesday (November 24th) when purchasing the well-known Apple prepaid cards in Kaufland . As usual, staggered, so if you want a full 20 percent extra, you have to grab the big card. In detail:

Card with 25 euros credit: 2.50 euros extra (10 percent) Card with 50 euros credit: 7.50 euros extra (15 percent) Card with 100 euros credit: 20 euros extra (20 percent)

Important: The code for the extra credit is given on the receipt when you buy it, which must then be redeemed separately. So take good care of it and don't throw it away lightly.

Original article:

In the period from October 1st to October 7th, Kaufland is giving buyers an Apple prepaid card (App Store and iTunes) with additional credit. Useful of course only for owners of an Apple device (iPhone, iPad Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV) or if you want to give Apple users a gift. In contrast to the action at Lidl, Kaufland offers up to 20 percent. However, this only applies to the large card with a value of 100 euros.

Apple prepaid cards: Kaufland is currently giving away up to 20 euros

The whole graduation of the bonus values ​​in the overview:

Purchase of a card with 25 euros credit: 2.50 euros extra (corresponds to 10 percent) Purchase of a card with 50 euros credit: 7.50 euros extra (corresponds to 15 percent) Purchase of a card with 100 euros credit: 20 euros extra (corresponds to 20 euros) Percent)

Ergo: If you buy a small card with 25 euros, you currently get more at Lidl (2.75 euros), with the medium card the bonus is identical and with the 100 euro card there is another 5 euros on top - Kaufland is then in preferable in each case.

Important: The bonus credit is not booked automatically, but must be redeemed separately. There is a code for this on the receipt. So don't throw it away prematurely, it's worth real money.

This also makes Apple Music cheaper:

What can you get with it?

You can then use the credit to buy apps in the App Store and Mac App Store. But it is not only intended for this, it is also used in the iTunes Store, so music and films can be purchased more cheaply. Extra tip: Monthly subscription costs, for example for an iCloud storage plan or for Apple Music, can also be reduced with the Apple credit cards combined with the bonus balance. Only e-books are excluded. In Germany, they are subject to fixed book prices, but prepaid cards with bonuses would illegally nullify this principle. Therefore, e-books are excluded from purchase. What is also not possible: Buy hardware with it at a reduced price in the Apple Store.


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