iPhone with USB-C sold: this price beats everything

iPhone with USB-C sold: this price beats everything

Wait, the iPhone doesn't have a USB-C port yet? Basically this is true, but there is now actually at least one single Apple cell phone with USB-C instead of Lightning. Its price is now reaching dizzying heights.

The robotics student Ken Pillonel succeeded in something that Apple has withheld from its customers for years: he actually made the first functional iPhone with a USB-C port . Something that our readers want again and again. An older iPhone X serves as the basis. According to his own statement, it took him several months for the hack and explained his approach in a video on YouTube:

iPhone X with USB-C: Already worth over $ 100,000

Financially, the handicraft lessons should at least pay off for him now, because he sells the only existing device on eBay. A used iPhone X with 64 GB of storage usually doesn't cost much more than 200 to 300 euros there, but the prices for the "prototype" with USB-C are currently quite different . At the time of the research, the value is currently already at 100,100 US dollars with currently 173 bids (source: eBay).

But it will probably be much more expensive, because the auction will run until November 25, 2021. Pillonel is promoting his device on eBay as "The world's first USB-C iPhone". The buyer does not receive any accessories for the iPhone X, but at least free, worldwide shipping and at least a 30-minute telephone conversation with the resourceful hobbyist.

Anyone who buys the iPhone also declares that they agree to some terms and conditions of coverage. That would be:

They will not restore, update, or delete this iPhone. You won't be using it as an everyday phone. You won't open it.

I guarantee the phone will work when you receive it, but if you don't follow the guidelines above you are on your own. So you can do what you want with it, but don't expect anything from me if you break something. It's just a prototype.

Apple will not be able to hold onto Lightning for a long time, as we reported in the xiaomist Headlines from September :

Apple's stance on USB-C

Worth mentioning: An iPhone with a USB-C connection haunts the rumor mill, but to this day Apple still only uses Lightning . In contrast, with newer iPads (iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini) and Macs, Apple is not averse to the standardized connection and has been integrating it for several years.


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