iPhone replicated: This is how angular the next OnePlus cell phone looks

iPhone replicated: This is how angular the next OnePlus cell phone looks

When designing its next mid-range cell phone, OnePlus would like to orientate itself heavily on Apple's iPhone 13. New render images show an angular and flat appearance of the upcoming OnePlus Nord N20 5G - but peak values ​​in terms of performance are not to be expected.

OnePlus Nord N20 5G comes in iPhone 13 style

According to new renderings, OnePlus particularly liked the design of the iPhone 13 . After the competition from Xiaomi had already opted for an angular appearance with the Redmi Note 11 Pro, it is now OnePlus' turn. A lot has changed compared to its direct predecessor. The OnePlus Nord N20 5G should only be reminiscent of the current iPhone generation from the outside, because the equipment is more in the midfield.

The pictures now published come from OnLeaks, who created them in cooperation with 91mobiles. The OnePlus Nord N20 5G does not have a slightly rounded display. It is noticeable at first glance that the lower frame is a bit thicker than the upper one.

For the AMOLED display with an integrated fingerprint reader, a diagonal of 6.43 inches can be assumed. The new and quite fast processor Snapdragon 695 should provide the necessary performance in the cell phone. However, compromises have to be made with the rear cameras. A main sensor with 48 MP is available here, but the other two lenses with their 2 MP each are hardly worth mentioning. Selfies should be possible with 16 MP (source: 91Mobiles).

The manufacturer recently presented the OnePlus Nord CE 5G. Details about the mid-range smartphone can be found in the video :

OnePlus Nord N20 5G: Presentation is imminent

OnePlus itself has not yet commented on the mobile phone, but a presentation should be made shortly, they say. The predecessor was presented in mid-November 2020 for a little more than 300 euros.


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