iPhone completely different: Hey Apple, dare!

iPhone completely different: Hey Apple, dare!

The actual principle of an iPhone has not changed since the beginning - Apple drives in the well-known fairway and does not take any risks. The "iPro" concept, on the other hand, shows a completely different and also quite bizarre way. What makes it so different

Large touchscreen, flat shape ... a smartphone doesn't really make much more difference. We look in vain for experimental forms. To be honest, the days before the Apple cell phone might not have been better, but definitely more varied. The 3D artist Taiseer Zarruk presents a possible way out of the dilemma of persistent boredom.

3 in 1: iPhone, ActionCam and an AirPods charging case

His "iPro" is actually a concept for an action camera from Apple. One could have guessed by the name - iPro, GoPro ... well, ringing the doorbell? But if you look at it right and think a little further, then Zarruk shows us the idiosyncratic approach of a flip phone from Apple (source: Taiseer Zarruk).

Take the base and the look of the camera hump from the iPhone 13 Pro, turn it into a charging case for the "AirPods Pro mini" and put a small touchscreen on the back of it. Et voilĂ : You not only get an action camera, but also the smallest iPhone in the world, which is foldable and can quickly charge AirPods. You have to come up with something like that first ?!

Let's not kid ourselves, this concept has no chance of being implemented by Apple. However, in direct contrast, it shows the lack of ideas in the smartphone industry. Basically there is always the same thing, only a little better. Nobody intends to actually change anything. Somehow sad, there is a lack of courage.

Apple's customers shy away from the change

As a 3D artist, this can of course be achieved quickly, a manufacturer like Apple has a harder time. Probably for good reason Apple does not dare, because even more conservative, slightly modified approaches are punished. The best example is the iPhone mini. Only presented last year with the iPhone 12 mini, not wanted by customers and thus "burned" for the future. From what is known, the iPhone 13 mini will be the last of its kind. Incidentally, it is also the iPhone that currently has almost no delivery problems. The demand must be correspondingly low.

Samsung is a little more willing to experiment, as you can see in the video that it is folded and folded :

Ergo: Customers probably don't want any "different" iPhone. As ingenious as the idea of ​​such a "jack of all trades" may be, people are not yet ready for it. So it stays with the idea and Apple doesn't have to take any chances.


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