iPhone 2023: Bad outlook for Apple s suppliers

iPhone 2023: Bad outlook for Apple s suppliers

Apple supplier and chip specialist Qualcomm can still look forward to providing 100 percent of all 5G modems for the iPhone. But these rosy times are set to change soon. There will be a major slump in just two years - for good reason.

The horror report does not come from any expert, but from Qualcomm CFO Akash Palkhiwala himself. He assumes that Qualcomm will only provide 20 percent of the modems for Apple's iPhone in 2023 (source: MacRumors). You currently still have a monopoly, but why is it in such danger?

iPhone 2023 with Apple modem: Qualcomm's monopoly falls

Apple has been working on its own 5G modems for years and had to first come to an agreement with Qualcomm in order to participate in the 5G market, because in-house development did not advance that quickly. But it should be ready in two years. In addition to Palkhiwala, Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo has also been assuming this schedule for some time. After all, Apple will not be able to do without Qualcomm entirely.

Qualcomm assumes that at least 20 percent will then remain. This depends on certain market regions. In most of them, Apple will be able to use its own 5G modem solution, but in a few other regions it will still be dependent on Qualcomm .

What else will 5G bring? There are answers in the video :

The lengthy master plan

Apple's road to its own 5G modems was a rocky one. At first they relied on Intel, but they couldn't meet expectations. Therefore, an agreement with Qualcomm had to be found, on the other hand, a timely market launch of the 5G standard at Apple with the iPhone 12 would have been in danger. At the same time, they were still working on their own solutions, and in the end they even bought the 5G modem business from Intel, but Qualcomm still has to serve as a partner in the short term .

Good to know: the iPhone SE will most likely also receive a 5G modem in the next year. Apple then wants to market the inexpensive smartphone as the cheapest 5G iPhone. For this, Apple will still have to fall back on Qualcomm, because Apple's own solutions will not be ready for the market until 2023.


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