iPhone 13 Pro: Apple retrofits important functions

iPhone 13 Pro: Apple retrofits important functions

If you have a current iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple will soon consider retrofitting a small but important function. The long-desired software switch for the camera's macro feature is finally here.

When introducing the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple put the focus less surprisingly on the camera of the new Apple cell phone, and the new macro mode was particularly impressive. However, the automatic switching to the necessary ultra-wide lens did cause confusion. You could switch them off later via update, but the macro feature was not necessarily intuitive .

iPhone 13 Pro gets software switch for macro function

This should change with the upcoming update to iOS 15.2. The latest developer version finally found a real software switch in the camera app for it (source: Aaron Zollo via MacRumors.com). It works as you would expect: A flower symbol appears in the lower left corner of the screen when the camera is close enough to an object. Macro mode can now be triggered manually by users tapping the flower symbol. So it is easy to deactivate and reactivate macro mode.

Important to know: In order for all of this to work, the automatic activation of the macro mode must be deactivated in the camera settings . Only then does the macro symbol appear in the app for the control when approached accordingly.

Apple's pride and joy in the video :

When will Apple release iOS 15.2?

Compared to the implementation in iOS 15.1, the software switch is probably the better solution. If you only want to switch off the macro mode temporarily, you have to deactivate it completely in the settings. This rather complicated handling is not necessary. Even if Apple sometimes does not include all the features of a beta version in the final release, in this case the chances of the iPhone update are very good, as we think.

With a bit of luck, Apple will release iOS 15.2 this year, but there is no guarantee. But we will definitely have to wait a few more weeks.


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