iPhone 13: Apple s new video gives you ideas

iPhone 13: Apple s new video gives you ideas

If you only take snapshots with the new iPhone 13, you will not be able to challenge the potent smartphone. In a new video, however, Apple shows what is really in the latest cell phone from Cupertino and reveals some great film tricks.

Back in October, Apple demonstrated the potential of the iPhone 13 in a brilliant video. In it, professional filmmakers showed how to create hand-made special effects in a creative way and thus create real little films. Now there's the sequel.

iPhone 13: Apple's cool movie tricks in the video

The new video "Everyday Experiments: Hollywood at Home" again digs deep into the bag of tricks and shows in an amazing way how to stage really cool things with simple means - from car chases to classic monster attacks. A look at the video is recommended for every interested filmmaker and those who want to become one:

The tips and tricks and thus also the capabilities of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are clearly demonstrated in a total of three chapters . The first part focuses on remote-controlled cars and their chase, as well as suitable project filters in iMovie on the iPhone 13. Then magical landscapes are created, with the help of the new cinema mode. Finally, we bring "Godzilla" into the living room - if you have pets, you have a clear advantage.

Delivery situation for the iPhone 13

The new video definitely arouses the desire to be a little more creative and use the new iPhone 13 as a real film tool. You don't have to be a professional filmmaker for this, a little creativity and a little talent are enough. By the way, the normal iPhone 13 (mini) is completely sufficient for the tricks shown here . This is currently also a little better available than the Pro version, so that the desires aroused by the film can be satisfied more quickly. On the other hand, you have to wait up to two months for the iPhone 13 Pro (Max).


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