iPad Pro with OLED screen: The real reason Apple is slow to pace

iPad Pro with OLED screen: The real reason Apple is slow to pace

Anyone who speculates on an iPad Pro or even a MacBook Pro with an OLED screen has to be patient. Apple still needs years to do this, but the annoying snail's pace has a good reason, as a new report reveals.

Every now and then there were rumors and reports about the use of OLED screens in iPads and MacBooks. To date none of this has been implemented. Why actually? After all, OLED technology isn't really new after all, so why does Apple take so long for it?

iPad Pro only with new OLED technology

The explanation: Apple does not want to be satisfied with the previous technology , but would like to implement a so-called two-layer tandem structure for the OLED panel (source: The Elec). By this we mean two layers of red, green and blue emission layers. As a result, there are significantly brighter displays for any iPads and MacBooks with up to twice the luminance. In addition, the service life of the panel could be increased by a factor of four. In contrast, previous OLED screens, such as those found on the iPhone, for example, only use a one-stack structure.

Basically again - OLED or LCD? In the video we explain the differences:

We are still in the early stages of development and are in talks with Samsung and LG . Years will pass before it is ready for series production. Originally one was hoping for next year, but 2022 is still far too early and therefore long off the table.

Apple's possible schedule

According to current knowledge, one could expect an iPad Pro with an OLED screen in 2023 or 2024 at the earliest. It takes even longer with the MacBook (Pro). According to the report, we won't see such a laptop until 2025, but possibly even later.

In short: Apple strives for perfection and does not want to be satisfied with old technology. This takes time. In the meantime, people are satisfied with mini-LEDs as an inexpensive "interim solution" and, as an alternative, research is also carried out on micro-LEDs (source: Nikkei Asia).


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