iPad mini: Apple wants to fix the biggest weakness

iPad mini: Apple wants to fix the biggest weakness

Just a few days after the market launch of the new iPad mini 6, there were complaints from customers. The display of the small tablets is anything but smooth under certain circumstances. With the successor, Apple wants to fix this, at least that's what a current rumor sounds.

iPad mini with ProMotion display?

According to a new report, Apple is currently testing a new 8.3-inch display from Samsung, intended for the iPad mini. In contrast to the currently used panel, the new display should support ProMotion technology (source: MacRumors). Means: Dynamic refresh rates of up to 120 Hz and therefore extremely smooth movements.

The current 6th generation iPad mini lacks them. Numerous users complain about so-called "Jolly Scrolling". Due to the line-by-line updating of the image, there are small delays at the top and bottom of the screen - so it lags when scrolling . In and of itself not unusual for LCD screens, but in this specific case it is just unattractive because it is visible.

Interesting: The effect only occurs in portrait mode. This is because the control board that powers the screen refresh line by line is oriented vertically and the portrait orientation does not match this position.

What can the current iPad mini do? In the video we find out:

This also works with the iPad Pro, but the fast refresh rate of the ProMotion display ensures that the effect is simply hidden from most human eyes. Ergo: If Apple were to install such a display in the iPad mini, "Jolly Scrolling" and thus the greatest weakness of the small tablet would be eliminated.

New model in a year at the earliest

Regardless of how credible the latest rumor may be, we wouldn't expect any short-term deployment. At the earliest, Apple would consider a ProMotion display for the successor to the current iPad mini. Given that the current model is only a few weeks old, we wouldn't expect it until the end of 2022 . However, due to the otherwise usual long product life of the iPad mini, it could in all likelihood take longer.


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