iPad instead of Apple Watch: How the tablet became a lifesaver

iPad instead of Apple Watch: How the tablet became a lifesaver

Often the Apple Watch has to serve as a "lifesaver", but in a current report it is the iPad of all things that is accorded such importance. But how did it happen? The story takes us to Pennsylvania, in the northeastern United States.

iPad guides rescue workers to plane crash survivors

In recent years we have received reports that the Apple Watch turned out to be a lifesaver. For example, irregularities in the heartbeat were recognized and corresponding illnesses discovered during subsequent doctor's appointments. Now the iPad joins the illustrious circle of guardian angels.

It was only thanks to an iPad that father and daughter were safely discovered after a plane crash (source: CNN). Both took off in a small single-engine Cessna 150 last Sunday from Wilkes-Barre Scranton International Airport in Pittston Township, Pennsylvania, and disappeared from the radar shortly afterwards. The subsequent search in the vicinity of the last known location of the aircraft was unfortunately still unsuccessful after hours. But then came the turning point.

Regardless of whether you are using an iPhone or iPad, this is how you can find out your current whereabouts:

Localization succeeded with Apple technology

After the rescue workers identified the pilot, they contacted his wife, who had been waiting for her husband and daughter at the destination, and were given the man's cell phone number. You could ping the phone and found out that the daughter also had an iPad. This could then be localized with the known on-board resources , according to CNN. Our guess is that the "Where is?" Function is used to determine the position of the iPad.

After that, it was easy to find the father and daughter. Fortunately, both were only slightly injured after the plane crash. A miracle, so those responsible. The crash is now being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration, further details of the cause of the crash are currently unclear.


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