Intel is fighting its way back: Apple s new super processor beaten

Intel is fighting its way back: Apple s new super processor beaten

With the M1 Pro and M1 Max in the new MacBook Pro, Apple has installed two extraordinarily powerful processors. Competitor Intel can of course not let that sit and act - with success, as it now shows. Even Apple's top model is beaten in the first benchmarks.

When the MacBook Pro 2021 was presented in a 14- and 16-inch variant, the two Apple processors M1 Pro and M1 Max were rightly at the fore. Apple has once again worked hard and put the competition from Intel and AMD in their place. A short time later , Intel strikes back .

Intel beats Apple: New processor much more powerful

Intel recently introduced the twelfth generation of Alder Lake processors. Six new desktop processors are in the spotlight, especially the Core i9-12900K with 16 cores.

The first benchmark results for the Core i9-12900K show that the processor is up to 1.5 times faster in multi-core performance than the M1 Pro and M1 Max from Apple (source: Geekbench). Specifically, the new top model from Intel was able to achieve an average multi-core score of around 18,500, while Apple's M1 Pro and M1 Max are "only" 12,500 points. While the bare numbers speak for themselves, things are not looking quite as rosy for Intel in another important area.

In the video : This is what the new MacBook Pro does with the Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max.

Intel chips: more performance with significantly more consumption

The new Core i9 processor is significantly faster than the M1 Pro and M1 Max, but it also uses a lot more power than Apple's chips. Intel states that the chip consumes up to 125 watts in normal operation and up to 241 watts with Turbo Boost. More power is also required in the somewhat weaker Core i7-12700K model, which also overtook Apple's processors in the first benchmarks.


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