Install Xiaomi EU ROM on any Xiaomi mobile

New article for the tutorial section ! This time we will show you how to flash or install an EU ROM on your Xiaomi . So thanks to this post, you will learn how to install any official ROM of the brand, such as the Xiaomi EU ROM, one of the most used and most liked by users.

And the best thing is that you can do it on any Xiaomi mobile ; have a Redmi Note 7 or a Mi 9 , or a Mi MIX 3 or a POCO F1 ... This method works with all those that are compatible with said ROM.

Install the Xiaomi EU ROM on any Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO mobile

Before starting we want to emphasize that you must follow all the steps to the letter , or ... your mobile could be affected, and we are not responsible for it. Having said that, let's get down to business!

1. Check if your mobile is compatible with the Xiaomi EU ROM

If your model is incompatible with this ROM, then in no way will you be able to install and use it on it. But ... how do I know if my phone is compatible? Easy! You will have to go to the Xiaomi EU community website, and there check if your model appears in the list of the following links:

  • ROM with MIUI 10
  • ROM with MIUI 11
  • ROM with MIUI 12

2. Backup your files

You never know what can happen when you install a ROM on your device, so it is better to be cautious. So, start copying all the photos, documents or other files that you have on your smartphone, be it to your computer, an external hard drive or the cloud.

3. Unlock the Bootloader on your Xiaomi

At present it is impossible to install a ROM with the Blocked Bootloader of a Xiaomi , since the latest devices of the brand necessarily need a special permission to use the EDL mode.

If you have not done it already, you can read the following post where we show you how to do it in a simple way Unlock the Bootloader of your Xiaomi mobile

4. Install Recovery TWRP on your Xiaomi

The TWRP recovery will allow you to install a wide variety of ROMs on your mobile device very easily. Since it is quite simple to install , and also, it is very intuitive , since you can use the touch screen unlike other recoverys.

That is why it is just what we need in this tutorial, so if you have not installed it yet, visit our article → How to Install TWRP on a Xiaomi mobile phone .

5. Learn how to install a Xiaomi ROM

Once you have the Bootloader unlocked, and the TWRP installed, now it is time to flash the Xiaomi EU ROM on your smartphone . Quiet! We will explain it to you below:

Download the correct Xiaomi EU ROM

To start you will have to download the Xiaomi EU ROM corresponding to your model from its official page:

  • ROM with MIUI 10
  • ROM with MIUI 11
  • ROM with MIUI 12

On its official page, look for your Xiaomi phone in the list, check its ROM name , and download said ROM from the direct links.

Steps to install the ROM

  1. At the end of the download you will have a ZIP file, it is not necessary to unzip it , just connect your mobile phone to the computer, and move the ROM to its internal storage.
  2. Then access Recovery TWRP , click Install, choose the .zip file of the downloaded ROM, and then slide to start the process.
  3. When the installation process is finished, click on Reboot System , wait for the phone to restart and… you will already have the Xiaomi EU ROM installed on your terminal!


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