Instagram introduces new shake function

Instagram introduces new shake function

New functions are being added to Instagram. One of them is the shake feature, which changes the operation of the app a little. This is a great way to let your anger run wild, but you shouldn't overdo it. But there is more.

Instagram introduces shake function to report problems

If something doesn't work out the way you imagine it on Instagram, you can do a "rage shake" in the future. Specifically, the shake function is about the ability to report problems . Instead of doing this via the options, which you probably rarely do anyway, you can now simply shake your smartphone to trigger the reporting of problems.

With Instagram's shaking feature, you don't shake off problems, but want to ensure that problems are reported. In this way, the company can ensure that the difficulties are eliminated. When the smartphone is shaken, a screenshot is created and users can then enter a description of the error in the pop-up. Before sending the error message, you can remove the screenshot if necessary, if the information on it is too personal. The Instagram boss explains in the video:

Delete individual pictures from carousel posts in Instagram

Instagram also allows you to delete individual photos from a carousel post. So if you have written several pictures in a carousel post and notice afterwards that a photo does not fit, you can now edit the post using the three points and delete a single picture. Many users have wanted this function for a long time. It is initially limited to iOS .

In the video we reveal the best tips for Instagram beginners:

Deleting photos from a carousel post will probably also be available for Android later. When exactly this will be the case, however, has not been revealed. The users of Android smartphones would therefore have to be patient. It was only recently announced that Instagram is planning a subscription model. We'll tell you what it's all about here. In addition, Instagram would like to inform you better about problems.


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