In-ear headphones from Samsung cause ear infections: manufacturer comments

In-ear headphones from Samsung cause ear infections: manufacturer comments

Some time ago, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Buds Pro, new in-ear headphones that have triggered ear infections in some users after a certain period of time. Now the manufacturer is expressing itself on this topic.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro cause ear infections

More and more people are saying in various forums that the in-ear headphones presented at the beginning of the year together with the Galaxy S21 smartphones are responsible for ear infections. Not all owners could directly identify the headphones as the trigger. After all, you don't expect something like that. But all the signs point to it.

When asked by Notebookcheck on this subject, Samsung gave the following answer:

The satisfaction of our customers is a top priority for Samsung. We encourage customers to contact us if they experience a reaction while wearing in-ear headphones as prolonged use can cause irritation if they come into contact with sweat or skin care products. Customers who have questions about the Galaxy Buds Pro or Galaxy Buds2 can contact Samsung Customer Service.

What exactly is causing the irritation remains open. Is it the choice of material and the silicone used? Or is it the charging contact , which constantly touches the skin and can cause irritation if it is wet? Unfortunately, Samsung does not go into this in its answer.

So anyone who has or has an ear infection, who owns the Galaxy Buds Pro or Galaxy Buds 2 and does not yet know the cause, could have the solution here. In that case, you should contact Samsung and of course no longer use the headphones.

In the video you can see what makes the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro so special:

No problems noticed with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

I myself had the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in the test and no problems with irritation in the ear or even an infection. Of course, it always depends on how sensitive you are. The forums are full of this problem and the owners have struggled with it for months.


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