Huawei jokes about US ban that backfires

Huawei jokes about US ban that backfires

Huawei suffers massively from the US ban. It might not be the best idea to joke about the current situation. The Chinese company did that in the USA and took the receipt straight away.

Huawei joke about US ban has no effect

Not every situation is suitable for a joke. Huawei's US Twitter account is just experiencing this. For the upcoming Black Friday they got carried away with a tweet that targets the current situation with the US ban. They claim that there is a 100% discount on all phones sold in the US :

Sounds like a great deal at first. Just got a smartphone for free? Now many people don't really know that Huawei is under a US ban and thought that the offer was really real . In fact, Huawei does not officially sell smartphones in the US because the US ban continues. That hasn't stopped some people from looking for Huawei phones in stores like Amazon and asking for free smartphones. Huawei then had to intervene:

After just over an hour, Huawei felt compelled to clarify the situation and write that you cannot sell anything in the USA. That was of course not received very positively either, because then of course the allegations of espionage that some Twitter users posted came into play . So this joke backfired.

The latest Huawei smartphone in the video :

Huawei continues to sell smartphones in Germany

While no Huawei smartphones are sold in the US, it looks very different here. New Android devices are still being brought onto the market here, but they have to get by without Google services. Accordingly, it is difficult to get these to the woman or the man. However, there are still no smartphones with HarmonyOS.


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