Huawei creates with a new top smartphone, where Samsung has failed so far

Huawei creates with a new top smartphone, where Samsung has failed so far

Huawei has been restricted in the smartphone market, but that doesn't mean the Chinese company will stop developing new technologies that are ahead of the competition. In this case, it's about the next folding smartphone, which will be easier to use.

Huawei develops folding smartphone with sub-display camera

With the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung is currently building what is probably the best folding smartphone in the world. From generation to generation, the disadvantages of the previous models have been eliminated and are now at a point where you can actually recommend the smartphone if you know how to use the form factor correctly. But one thing remains unchanged. The fingerprint sensor is inconveniently placed on the side of the folding phone . That really annoyed me in the test. Huawei has a solution for this (source. Weibo).

Accordingly, Huawei wants to install a sub-display fingerprint sensor for the first time in the next folding smartphone. As with many other devices, you could then simply unlock your smartphone with your fingerprint on the display. The technology is currently being tested and could come from Qualcomm. That would mean it is an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that works much better than an optical solution.

Huawei and Qualcomm have been working very closely lately, because the US company provides Huawei with special processors that are equipped with a 4G modem. The Chinese company is not getting any 5G hardware . So it wouldn't be absurd if Huawei could also access other developments from Qualcomm.

In the video you can see Huawei's new smartwatch:

Samsung could catch up with Huawei

Samsung and Qualcomm also have a close partnership. So if Huawei succeeds in the tests of the under-display fingerprint sensor, Samsung could also benefit from it and maybe install it in the next Galaxy Z Fold 4 . Huawei should anticipate this and show a new folding smartphone in the coming months, which has been delayed for some time.


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