How to change the default launcher on your Xiaomi?

The reality is that, although it is a good launcher (the one integrated in Xiaomi devices), also what it is that may not satisfy everyone . In these cases, the question could arise: How to change the default launcher of my Xiaomi?

The good thing is that we can change it at any time , choosing the one that we like the most. To do this, you simply have to enter and follow the following steps.

default launcher xiaomi

So how to change the default launcher of your Xiaomi?

Although many ignore it, carrying out a launcher change is a more than simple process . Likewise, once you make the modification, you will be able to enter Miui's customization settings and settings. And, if you regret it and at some point you want to return to the Xiaomi launcher , you can do it without any problem.

What are the steps to follow to change Miui's default launcher?

The first thing to do is download, from the Google Play Store, the launcher you want to use on your device (see the best launchers in this article). When you have it installed, Miui will ask you which one you want to work in a certain way. With this, it will be executed.

And if you want to do it at another time or if it doesn't ask you if you want to use it by default, you just have to modify the default launcher by following the following steps :

  • Access Miui settings
  • Enter the option " Applications "
  • Go to " Manage applications "
  • At the top right, click on the button with the three dots
  • Then select " Default applications "
  • Access the specific section of the Launcher and choose the one you want to use as default (for example nova launcher)

With these steps, you will be able to use a third-party launcher on your Xiaomi instead of the default one. Quick and easy, right?

Can't you change Xiaomi's default launcher?

In some cases, the option to change the system launcher does not appear in that location mentioned above, if this is your case, check that it is probably in the following path.

  • Settings of your phone / Home screen and recent / Launcher by default.

There you will see that it appears correctly, and by clicking on it and having other launchers downloaded it will let you set it by default on your system.


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