Horror news for Apple: There have been delivery problems for so long

Horror news for Apple: There have been delivery problems for so long

Apple's biggest problem right now is without a doubt the global chip shortage. This has the entire industry under control and also causes massive manufacturing problems and lost profits for the iPhone manufacturer. Not to mention delivery delays. But a solution is far from in sight, as a current horror report states.

Foxconn, Apple's largest contract manufacturer for the iPhone, assumes that the ongoing chip shortage will continue well into the second half of next year . Before that there is no relaxation for the manufacturers concerned, including Apple (source: The Wall Street Journal).

Apple still in the grip of the chip crisis

Means for consumers: Furthermore, delivery delays and waiting times when buying new hardware are to be expected. So you should order early and say goodbye to the thought of any spontaneous purchases. According to this, prices will not fall until well into next year, in case of doubt they will remain stable or maybe even rise - depending on the (scarce) supply.

Apple was able to defy the crisis for a long time, but in the past quarter it also caught the industry leader. According to Apple's own statements , you had to forego income of 6 billion US dollars , money that could have been earned with better availability of the goods (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac). For the current quarter, one expects even more lost profits and sales.

Apple arouses desires with such exciting videos , but then you have to wait for a possible order:

A little relaxation with the iPhone 13?

But there is at least a ray of hope on the horizon. We received reports of a slight relaxation in the iPhone production, although one can certainly not speak of a normalization yet. However , we were a bit surprised and skeptical about Apple's great confidence in its ability to deliver at Christmas . For example, all models of the iPhone 13 are promised to be shipped on time if you order them by December 22nd at the latest. All this in view of the fact that you now have to wait at least a month for the iPhone 13 Pro, for example.

You are more realistic with the iPad and MacBook Pro. It is better to order these devices from the Apple Online Store in November or by the beginning of December at the latest, otherwise punctual delivery will not be a celebration. Here the chip crisis shows the current scale of the problem.


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