HomePod mini: Ingenious gadget makes the Apple loudspeaker mobile

HomePod mini: Ingenious gadget makes the Apple loudspeaker mobile

The small version of the HomePod from Apple depends on a power outlet - but that doesn't have to be the case, according to the manufacturer Mission. With the Battery Base, the loudspeaker with Siri can also provide mobile entertainment. A battery makes it possible.

Use HomePod mini mobile with Battery Base

The popular HomePod mini from Apple actually comes with almost everything to be able to use it on the move: The small dimensions and the light weight of just 345 grams make it a good companion in theory. Unfortunately, as a stationary device, the Siri loudspeaker has to be permanently plugged into the socket . The accessories manufacturer Mission did not want to accept this with its Battery Base.

The Battery Base is basically a battery. It should enable a runtime of up to nine hours and also offers a capacity of 2,000 mAh at 14.4 watt hours. A maximum of 30 watts can be delivered to the HomePod mini via USB power delivery (USB-PD) (source: Mission).

In contrast to an attached power bank, the makers opted for a clever and practical detail . Since the power cable of the HomePod mini cannot be disconnected, the 1.8 m cable can simply be rolled up in the housing of the Battery Base and then connected to one of the two USB-C ports. However, WiFi is still required on the go.

In the video : This is how the HomePod mini becomes mobile.

Battery Base for HomePod mini for 37 euros

The Battery Base can be purchased from Amazon for the equivalent of 36.67 euros in the US version (view it at Amazon.com). When ordering from Germany, however, shipping costs of EUR 8.80 are added. The accessories for the HomePod mini are available in white and gray. The small Siri loudspeaker itself is currently available cheaply at MediaMarkt.


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