Great offer from Vodafone: Mobile communications, Internet and Co. free for six months

Great offer from Vodafone: Mobile communications, Internet and Co. free for six months

Vodafone has massively revised many tariffs. Whether mobile communications, landline internet or TV - the Düsseldorf provider is now offering a whole range of contracts free of charge for the first six months. However, the new offers cannot do without an obligatory hook.

Vodafone distributes gifts: Many tariffs for six months without a basic fee

Vodafone has adjusted its tariff structure for many offers and is making an attractive offer for potential customers: Mobile, landline internet and TV contracts are free for six months. The monthly costs are only incurred from the seventh month of the contract term - and that applies to almost the entire range of contracts.

Vodafone started the campaign on November 2nd. For example, the Red S mobile tariff effectively costs you 959.76 euros per month in the 24-month contract period (39.99 euros per month, see Vodafone). As a result of the campaign, Vodafone is currently making 719.82 euros from this, also spread over 24 months. There are no additional costs, because the connection price is also waived during the campaign. However: you can get 10 GB of data volume and an all-network flat rate cheaper elsewhere.

The promotion also only applies to tariff costs. For example, if you also want an iPhone 13, there are monthly costs. To stay with the example: The Red S tariff would remain free for six months, but for the iPhone 13 a one-off payment of 199.90 euros and 30 euros per month is due. From the seventh month onwards you pay 69.99 euros.

But: Customers will also benefit from the upcoming revision of the Telecommunications Act. It will take effect from December 1st, also retrospectively. Then customers do not need to fear a one-year extension after the end of the term .

This also applies to your landline internet connection, which Vodafone has also revised. With the fixed network tariffs Red Internet Phone & Cable with different data speeds of up to 1 GBit / s depending on local availability or needs, you save six months the basic fee. In addition, there is no provision fee of usually 69.99 euros (for the availability check at Vodafone).

With xiaomist.comTV from Vodafone it looks a little different: As part of the current campaign, the television package is sold in a bundle with a contract for landline internet. There the surcharge is halved and customers benefit from six months of free internet access. In the first six months, customers pay 4.99 euros for a fixed network tariff including xiaomist.comTV (watch it on Vodafone).

In the video we reveal what you should consider before you decide on a new mobile phone tariff:

Existing customers are left out of Vodafone's discount campaign - actually

The big drawback with the campaign: It actually only applies to new customers. Vodafone also offers the six-month discount for combination tariffs . So if you are a cable customer, you can book a mobile phone tariff and then save a six-month basic fee.

Before you decide on one of the new Vodafone tariffs, you should find out about the services that you actually need. Also, always note: From the seventh month onwards, it gets more expensive.


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