Google Pixel 6 goes into business for itself - with curious consequences

Google Pixel 6 goes into business for itself - with curious consequences

Owners of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are currently complaining about a very strange problem. This is not really a technical error, but rather phantom commands that the Google phone hears that were never there. There is a solution, but it severely limits the smartphone.

Google Pixel 6 makes calls by itself

Is the Google Pixel 6 really smart enough to predict who to call and then automatically start the call? We are actually not that far yet, although the new Google cell phone is actually doing that at the moment. On Reddit, several smartphone owners are now complaining that the Pixel 6 simply calls contacts out of nowhere .

The Google cell phone has probably perceived phantom commands that were never spoken. Sometimes people slept deeply at night while the Pixel 6 cheerfully calls contacts at 4 a.m. The owners only noticed the problem when they asked the contacts whether they really called in the middle of the night.

In the command history of the Google Assistant, the owners of the Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro (for testing) were able to determine that a call command was given there. But that never happened because it usually happened in the middle of the night when they slept. It becomes particularly critical when contacts abroad are called . Then the fun costs a lot of money.

We'll tell you in the video what the Google Pixel 6 is really good at:

What can you do about the problem?

The Google Assistant is said to be the culprit. He hears commands that don't even exist. So whoever is affected by the phantom calls should deactivate the "Hey Google" voice recognition . This makes the operation of the Pixel 6 a little more difficult, but you can still call up the Google Assistant by holding down the power button for a longer period of time. At least that's how I always use the Google Assistant on the Pixel 6 Pro and it works. So far I haven't had any phantom calls.


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