Google Maps has a practical function for everyone who likes to eat out

Google Maps has a practical function for everyone who likes to eat out

New functions are added to Google Maps at regular intervals. Some of them are really practical, like the additional information that has now been introduced, which should be particularly popular with people who like to eat up.

Google Maps shows price per person in restaurants

Those who like to go to the restaurant and don't always go to the same place often have the problem of being able to estimate in advance how expensive it is there. Not every store always uploads a menu. Often there are also differences in the prices if you eat or take something on the spot. That's why restaurant visitors can now use Google Maps to help them better estimate prices.

Initially in the USA, Google Maps shows how high the prices are per person . It's not about specific dishes, but about the entire visit including drinks and maybe a dessert. The aim is to be able to show a trend as to whether you can afford a visit to the restaurant. It looks like this:

The more people give an assessment there, the clearer the representation becomes. Already with 45 participants you can see a clear price trend and know that this is a restaurant in which you should definitely have some money with you. At a snack bar where you can get a kebab for 4 euros, the price range should of course be completely different.

You need to know these tips and tricks for Google Maps from our video :

Google Maps: Will the function also come to Germany?

It is common for Google to initially only test new functions for the Maps app in the USA and then to activate them in other countries as well . Whether and when this feature will be activated for us is completely open. We would like it, because especially in restaurants that you don't know, that could be a reason to take a look. In many reviews, the price-performance ratio is already recorded in writing. Such a function makes perfect sense. Only recently a function was activated in Google Maps that can save money.


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