Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Samsung s decision makes sense

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Samsung s decision makes sense

With the Ultra version of the Galaxy Tab S8, Samsung would like to use a notch. It is no longer a secret why the high-end tablet of all things has this recess. Samsung would like to install two selfie cameras that should take really good photos and videos.

Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Notch comes for an important reason

There will be a notch on Samsung's upcoming top tablet, the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. The recess on the upper edge of the display is actually not to be found on tablets and should certainly cause criticism on the Utra tablet. At least it is now clear why Samsung opted for a notch in the first place. Unlike the predecessor, there should be two well-equipped front cameras .

One of the two selfie lenses should be an ultra-wide angle. Both front cameras can probably record 4K videos at 60 frames per second (source: Ice universe on Twitter). This could have a very positive effect on zoom calls or other video conferences in particular. On the other hand, Samsung could also bring selfie photography with tablets significantly to the fore - and still ensure a thin frame.

In the video you see the Galaxy Tab S7 - without a notch.

No information is available yet on the photo resolution of the two selfie cameras. The situation is different with the other features of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra . The AMOLED display is assumed to be 14.6 inches and a refresh rate of 120 Hertz. The battery could also be a real highlight with a rumored 12,000 mAh.

New Samsung tablet could appear later

After a corona outbreak in the "Samsung Digital City", it can currently be assumed that the Galaxy Tab S8 will appear later than planned . Many employees are no longer allowed to come into the office and have to do their work from home instead.


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