Foldable Oppo cell phone: Samsung can only be amazed

Foldable Oppo cell phone: Samsung can only be amazed

The first foldable smartphone from Oppo is just around the corner. At least in one area, they don't just want to catch up with Samsung, but overtake them right away. The Chinese folding cell phone could become a real competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

Oppo: foldable cell phone with a powerful camera

While Samsung has already released the third generation of its folding smartphones, Oppo is still at the very beginning. The as yet nameless cell phone is said to be attacked soon. New reports suggest that Oppo doesn't want to compromise, at least on the cameras . If the specifications prove to be true, then the "Oppo Fold" has the lead, at least in terms of megapixels.

As with Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Chinese manufacturer is also planning a triple camera. However, this should not have a resolution of 12 MP, as is the case with Samsung, but rather enable images with up to 50 MP . In addition to the main camera, Oppo has also opted for a 16 MP lens from Sony and a 13 MP camera from Samsung, it says (source: Weibo via Gizmochina)

Selfies should also work well with the foldable Oppo cell phone. Up to 32 MP is mentioned here. Unlike Samsung, the selfie camera wo n't be more or less invisible. Samsung relies on a sub-display camera with only 4 MP, with which the results leave much to be desired.

In the video you can see what the current folding phones from Samsung can do:

"Oppo Fold": LTPO display with 120 Hertz

The internal display of the Oppo smartphone should have a diagonal between 7.8 and 8 inches and have a variable refresh rate of 120 Hertz. The image on the outer display, on the other hand, should update 60 times a second. The mobile phone is to be presented in December 2021. No information is available yet on the price of the "Oppo Fold" or its availability in Germany.


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