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In today’s fast-paced world, businesses and individuals alike require efficient and reliable data management solutions. The U8-450 NAS server from TerraMaster is a cutting-edge device that combines powerful hardware with advanced features to meet the demands of modern data storage and sharing. The heart of the U8-450 NAS server is its Atom C3558R Quad-core 2.4GHz … The post TerraMaster Released U8-450 NAS Server – Rackmount 2U 8-Bay with High Speed appeared first on XiaomiToday .

Five Xiaomi Products You Probably Didn t Know Existed

Xiaomi's catalog is as varied as it is extensive. In addition to smartphones and household appliances, the company has different items that you would never think are part of its catalog , from pens and radio-controlled vehicles.

In order for you to discover each of these articles, below we have compiled five products that you probably did not know existed . In addition, we have compiled their purchase links on AliExpress, so that if you like them, you can buy them.

1. A remote control Suzuki Jimny

Xiaomi is an undisputed leader in technology, and although mobiles are its strong suit, the company also has an interest in toys. In fact, in case you didn't know, Xiaomi has a remote-controlled smart racing car .

Cinco productos Xiaomi que probablemente no sabías que existían. Noticias Xiaomi A

The 1:16 scale car Suzuki Jimny is one of Xiaomi's unknown products. The all-terrain vehicle has a Bluetooth connection to control it with an app from your mobile . You can drive the Suzuki Jimny with virtual joysticks or with the gravity sensor mode.

Cinco productos Xiaomi que probablemente no sabías que existían. Noticias Xiaomi A

Likewise, the electric car is composed of more than 200 pieces between ABS materials and electronic components . On the other hand, it has a rechargeable lithium battery that allows it to run for 30 minutes .

The toy is aimed at young people over 14 years old, and you can buy it on AliExpress for only 36 euros . It has more than 400 valuations and almost 1500 units sold.

2. Smart Rubik's Cube

The Suzuki Jimny is not the only toy launched by Xiaomi. In its catalog of surprises you can also find an intelligent Rubik's cube , an ideal gift for your friends, partner, family, colleagues, or infants .

Cinco productos Xiaomi que probablemente no sabías que existían. Noticias Xiaomi A

Its main features include its mobile magnetic module design, its 6-axis detection system and the possibility of restoring the cube to its original state in just 30 steps . As it is a smart device, it is capable of automatically registering color changes and rotations and then sending that data to your mobile via Bluetooth.

In addition, the Rubik's cube app provides you with a beginner's tutorial and a scientific timer to check how long it takes to complete the cube. Similarly, you can connect with other smart devices that are part of the ecosystem.

Cinco productos Xiaomi que probablemente no sabías que existían. Noticias Xiaomi A

Its replaceable battery is designed with low-consumption technology, so using it for one hour a day, it can last a whole year . Xiaomi's Smart Rubik's Cube is available on AliExpress and is worth just over 18 euros . It has almost 500 units sold and enjoys more than 150 valuations.

3. Pens with "infinite" gel ink

Some users are probably already aware that Xiaomi also sells pens. Out of its many options available, we decided to talk about these imported Japanese gel ink pens . The writing length of this product is equivalent to that of 4 common ballpoint pens . Ideal for office or school use.

These colored pens are from Xiaomi and promise to last longer than you might imagine. News Xiaomi

The gel pen has a direct injection ink storage , which is capable of updating its capacity. Its 0.5mm spring tip provides smooth writing and does not allow ink to seep through easily . As it is the Japanese Mikuni ink, it is much brighter and more complete.

On the other hand, the Xiaomi gel ink pen is capable of drying quickly, its writing does not discolor when in contact with water and you can buy it in either of its two presentations: red or black.

Both versions are available on AliExpress , where they collect more than 500 units sold. You can buy them from one euro onwards , depending on the amount you want.

4. Mijia 1S Walkie Talkies

The Mijia 1S Walkie Talkies are another of Xiaomi's unknown products. 43% lighter than their predecessors , these communication devices have a built-in back clip for hanging, and can be easily operated with one hand .

Cinco productos Xiaomi que probablemente no sabías que existían. Noticias Xiaomi A

On the other hand, it has a 2190 mAh battery with a Micro-usb charging port , they support 3.5 mm Jack headphones and also Bluetooth headphones , and it offers high-performance speakers with a power of 3W. Mijia 1S Walkie Talkies allow you to communicate at a distance of 1 to 5 kilometers .

Walkie Talkie Mijia 1S Xiaomi

In addition, from the Mijia application you can share your location even without an Internet connection . The communication devices have FM radio, an LED display and have a frequency writing function . If it catches your attention, you can buy it on AliExpress for only 48 euros .

5. USB 3.0 memory

Lastly, a fairly common technological device in our lives, but that you surely did not know that Xiaomi sold. It is a small and portable 64GB USB 3.0 memory stick with high speed reading and writing .

Five Xiaomi products that you probably did not know existed. News Xiaomi

For starters, this USB 3.0 stick features high-speed transmission, support, and strong compatibility for multiple devices that have a USB interface. Similarly, it integrates UDP packet technology.

Its metal body is manufactured using a zinc alloy plating process. On the other hand, it has a cord to carry it tied in the backpack , wallet or key ring. If you like it, you can buy it on AliExpress , where it gathers more than 150 units sold, for only 15 euros .

The entry Five Xiaomi products that you probably did not know existed was published first in xiaomist: Xiaomi news and news website .


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