Does MediaTek perform the slowest updates?

When we talk about smartphones, both Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi, one of the most delicate issues, without a doubt, is that of updates , and that is that there are not a few users who want to have the latest available. However, there is also the long-running dispute between MediaTek and Qualcomm .

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Xiaomi's story with MediaTek and Qualcomm about their updates

Since its inception, Xiaomi relied on both chip makers for its devices ; although, we must say that most of the geek community has continually chosen Qualcomm solutions, among other things, for the greater openness to modding that is related to their chips; as well as the update time.

  • Nowadays, Mediatek is focused on mid- range and low-end phones at Xiaomi, while Snapdragon is targeting the mid- range and high-end .

A clear example of this are the top of the range of the brand, where most of them have Snapdragon 8xx-type processors ; And since these are the devices that have priority, they are the first to receive updates.

Qualcomm snapdragon 898 vs mediatek Dimensity 2000

The complaints of the Mi fans about the updates

This situation has led to several complaints from Xiaomi phone users, which is why Li Ming, an executive of the brand, has expressed himself in this regard. First of all, you mentioned that Google frequently sends you the source code of new versions in advance , both for MediaTek and for Qualcomm . With this, the two manufacturers have the possibility to better prepare themselves to provide the necessary software packages to Xiaomi and other brands. Without these packages, companies do not have the opportunity to work on their own interfaces, in addition to adapting them in the best way to Android .

It is at this point where the main problem arises. With a larger team, Qualcomm has the opportunity to move faster; which means that it delivers its software to its partners before its direct competition. While MediaTek, which has a smaller team, cannot match this speed of delivery; even lagging behind its competitor within a few months.


  • It must also be said that Mediatek delivers its polished software in batches , so if there is ever a serious problem, it will only affect those users who have delivered that update.

5 years ago, it was unthinkable for developers to release updates or mods for Mediatek processor phones. Today Mediatek has come a long way and thanks to its prices, it is able to compete, even if it suffers in other aspects such as updates.

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