{Disarmed} Xiaomi will be able to recharge its mobiles up to 150 W very soon

Xiaomi will be able to recharge its mobiles up to 150 W very soon

Fast charges go beyond batteries . Some components that you might not know were involved are the processors. Many of the current models have certain limitations to manage the load, but it seems that this will be less and less problem. Qualcomm prepares a processor capable of supporting up to 150 W of fast charging.

An effective remedy for the king of fast charges

Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that is placing the most emphasis on fast charges. This was demonstrated several months ago with Hypercharge , its fast charging system capable of reaching up to 200 W of power via cable and 50 W wirelessly.

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Until now, the model that recharges the fastest is the Xiaomi 11T Pro, in 15 minutes it is recharged thanks to its recharging system at 120 W. Now, the most popular processor company, Qualcomm, will present new models of the second generation 800 series that will be compatible with a fast charge of up to 150 W.

This is very good news, since beyond Xiaomi, those devices that integrate these processors will be able to enjoy this fast charge, something similar to what happened a few years ago with Quick Charge 4.0 , which ensured fast charging on devices that integrated a chip from this company.

The Xiaomi 12 begin to be produced, its launch is imminent
In xiaomist
The Xiaomi 12 begin to be produced, its launch is imminent

It is estimated that to recharge a 5,000 mAh battery you will only have to wait 10 minutes until the charge is complete . The great unknown is how this system will affect the degradation of the batteries, for which we will have to wait for the real tests of this new processor.

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