{Disarmed} Xiaomi presents a 6-in-1 emergency device to cope with the great electrical blackout

Xiaomi presents a 6-in-1 emergency device to cope with the great electrical blackout

Through MyDrivers we get the news of this great gadget. We do not know what would happen if this great blackout were to occur, as reported by the Austrian Ministry of Defense; Scientists like Fernando Valladares consider, in fact, that this great blackout is practically inevitable. But it is clear that in the face of a major power outage it is better to be prepared and have a survival kit.

Through Xiaomi Youpin this gadget has been presented that includes several utilities in case of total disconnection. Thanks to its crank power generator , this device can charge other small items such as mobile phones. But that is not the only thing it incorporates.

An indispensable for survival


We have already spoken on more than one occasion about Xiaomi Nextool gadgets, specialized survival tools to face the most extreme situations.

This gadget developed by NexTool and produced by Guangdong Baichuangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. incorporates, in addition to its power generator through a 4,500mAh battery, an AM / FM radio, compass, charger and other functions to send a warning of support of up to 80 decibels . For example, in the upper margin it houses a flashlight and a laser pointer.

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As pointed out from MyDrivers, just a few days ago the National Development and Reform Commission launched a " National List of Recommendations for Family Emergency Material Reserve " among which they highlighted tools to be able to escape from a crowded area or flashlights and recharge batteries .

As they say, this is a great tool to have but hopefully never have to use.

Price and availability of this 6-in-1 survival tool

6 in 1

Although it is not yet available to buy on Aliexpress or similar stores, on Youpin we can get hold of this interesting gadget from Xiaomi Youpin . Its original price is 269 yuan although it currently has a presale price of 209 yuan, almost 29 euros at the exchange.

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The news Xiaomi presents a 6-in-1 emergency device to deal with the great electrical blackout was originally published on xiaomist by Isra Fdez .


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