{Disarmed} Xiaomi Pad Keyboard, analysis: is it possible to work with a Xiaomi Pad 5?

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard, analysis: is it possible to work with a Xiaomi Pad 5?

With the arrival of the Xiaomi Pad 5 , many of us expected that its accessories would also land in different parts of Europe. However, during the presentation, Xiaomi only spoke of the Xiaomi Smart Pen , the stylus specially designed for the Pad 5. At no time was the Pad Keyboard discussed. Even so, we have been able to test it and then we will tell you about our experience.

Xiaomi's smart keyboard, which, at the moment, is not officially sold in Europe, is the key piece to turn the Xiaomi Pad into an even more complete work tool.

This is a keyboard whose equivalent could be Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio , a keyboard compatible with the iPad . Although the price is very different and we already anticipate that there is little to envy.

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The Smart Pen is the only accessory that has landed on the European market to date . In fact, we share all our impressions during the review of the Xiaomi Pad 5.

In this case, the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard is a keyboard that promises to turn the Xiaomi Pad 5 into practically a computer . Let's see if this has been the case.

A very simple assembly and without even a battery

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

When you take it out of the box you know more or less where to place the tablet , since it comes with the connection of pins in a slot that is designed to place the tablet and that through the three-pin connection it begins to work.

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

As soon as you insert the Pad 5 into said groove, the cover mounts practically by itself . You just have to place the back cover to match the camera module and then magnetize. You do not have to force yourself, it fits practically on its own.

What has surprised us is that when connecting it, the tablet has not shown any type of notification . To know that it is connected you must go to the "Settings" or directly observe that the on-screen keyboard is not displayed.

An elegant design with a very good pulsation

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

The cover is finished in vegan leather which is ultimately a good quality soft plastic that offers a good feel. The finish is identical on both the back and the front. Of course, despite having chosen the black finish according to the tablet, the cover shows the dirt against the light.

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

When the case is on, it appears that this is not a keyboard case as it does not over-stretch the device . Of course, the keyboard goes against the screen, so Xiaomi includes a protective plastic in its box so as not to scratch the screen of the Xiaomi Pad 5.

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

It is not necessary to specifically mount this protector if you already have one applied, although tempered glass or hydrogel is always recommended for greater durability.

In this case it corresponds to an English keyboard , whose layout of certain keys is different. When changing the language, the keys already correspond to those of the Spanish keyboard, although another symbol appears on the keys. This is normal, since it is a keyboard intended for other markets, but it works perfectly. It also has keys like "Command" very similar to the one found on MacBook.

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

After a few days, we have gotten used to it in a simple way, you will practically not look at the keyboard or assume which button you should press so that the signs you were looking for appear. Another solution is to put stickers on the keys, which would have been appreciated by the seller, although as we say it is not essential.

In this case, the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard does not have a trackpad, it is just a keyboard that hooks to the three pins . It doesn't make it become a computer, but almost. We have not missed the integration of the trackpad since at all times we have used MIUI for Pad and not the PC mode , although it can also be used.

The pulsation it offers is short, specifically 1.2 mm . Very similar to that of a MacBook, which makes the keys have enough travel to know that you are pressing it.

How much battery does the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard consume?

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Keyboard does not have a battery. This is fed from the tablet itself through the pins when we have it connected to the tablet. In fact, when we do not use it and use it as a cover, it is totally disconnected.

This is one of the features that we liked the most , since having no battery, you forget the worries of charging the tablet and keyboard separately.

Now, how much battery does the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard consume? Well, only 30 mAh per hour . It is a low consumption and it will hardly affect the autonomy of the Xiaomi Pad 5. It is partly due to the fact that it is not a backlit keyboard since the only LED that it integrates is the one to indicate whether or not we have capital letters activated.

Can it work with the Xiaomi Pad 5 and the Pad Keyboard?

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

It depends. In our case, without a physical keyboard, it was unimaginable to write any type of article or analysis. However, with this keyboard it is possible to do it and in a surprisingly comfortable way.

It is true that it does not achieve the comfort offered by a laptop, although it is not as far as we initially thought. You can write texts, download and upload images , and even divide the applications to be able to work with both at the same time.

Anyway it is something very personal. In our case, it corresponds to an accessory to get out of trouble, but that offers a possibility that was previously non-existent. We do not get as much juice from the stylus as we get from the keyboard in this case , although everything will depend on what you do or what you are going to use it for.

One of the most useful hidden functions is that it has different shortcuts through different combinations of buttons , in such a way that you can open Google or lower the notification bar in a really simple way without having to touch the screen.

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard, the opinion of xiaomist

Xiaomi Pad Keyboard

Generally speaking, the Xiaomi Pad Keyboard has surprised us . Both in robustness and in touch and usability. It is a product that has the biggest drawback is the layout of the physical keys, which is not adapted to our language, but it is a factor that can be solved with stickers, although one gets used to it quickly.

Its energy consumption is very low , so it hardly affects autonomy, which is very good news considering that you forget to be aware of plugging it in. What we would have liked is that it had more slits to be able to regulate it.

Anyway, it is a keyboard that you are going to use on a table , since placing it on your legs makes you have a very forced posture and you end up being much more tense in case it falls. Remember that the keyboard is simply magnetized.

The Xiaomi Pad Keyboard is now available in AliExpress Plaza with shipping from Spain at a really good price that usually ranges between 90 and 100 euros, practically half the cost of Apple.

Xiaomi Smart Keyboard

Xiaomi Smart Keyboard

RRP in AliExpress Plaza € 89.99
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