{Disarmed} The Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 tablet can run Windows 11

The latest and the best Xiaomi tablet so far, the Mi Pad 5 appears with Windows 11 installed ! New future for this tablet?

xiaomi pad 5 windows 11

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 runs Windows 11 inside

The Xiaomi tablet has inside the Snapdragon 860 processor along with an 11-inch screen with 120hz of refreshment and a 2K resolution !

For all this, it is a leader in sales both on its official website Mi.com , and on Aliexpress , which has led to no stock on many occasions.

A new piece of news from China shows us how this tablet can run Windows 11 thanks to its hardware characteristics, so in the future, you could use this tablet as a "Windows computer" or even Dual Boot with Android and Windows .

Mi-Pad-5-Win-11-2 (1)

See video of the Mi Pad 5 tablet running Windows 11

The video posted on the Chinese platform Bilibili shows us the Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet in action, going from the fastboot screen to the main screen and the Windows 11 desktop just launched on the market.

  • On other occasions, phones or other tablets have been seen running the Windows operating system where it is assumed that it could not, or should not be running.

As you can guess, this type of experiment is outside the rules or agreements between Xiaomi and Windows, so it is not expected that the Mi Pad 5 tablet will officially obtain Windows 11 or another in the short term.

What is good news is that these experiments involve further development by external cooks , which can give a new vision and use to this Xiaomi tablet that in principle is developed to have Android inside.


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