{Disarmed} Xiaomi Liquidcool Loop: Forget Hot Phones

Liquidcool is a novelty within Xiaomi products that seeks to improve the cooling aspect of smartphones from now on.

What is it about? Next, we tell you:

Xiaomi Loop Liquidcool

What is Xiaomi Liquidcool? Does the temperature of your phone really drop?

If we compare it with conventional VC systems, with Loop Liquidcool we can almost double the cooling capacity ; this, thanks to a brand new heat dissipation system.

In fact, this technology is based on one used in the aerospace industry and uses a capillary system. In this way, the liquid agent is expelled towards the heat source, dispersing it and vaporizing it in a better way.

Subsequently, the agent is captured in a closed system and, today, it can be considered as one of the most efficient solutions .

Video of the operation of the cooling system for Xiaomi Liquidcool phones

Going into more details, in this system we can find various modules located in a circular way. Thus, we find a condenser, an evaporator, a module for hot air, another for cold air, as well as a recharging chamber .

Xiaomi Loop Liquidcool

The moment the temperature of our phone rises, the refrigerant ends up turning into hot gas. That causes it to head towards the condenser and eventually returns to a liquid state. As we can see, we are tried to a system of autonomous and cyclic cooling.

Xiaomi Loop Liquidcool

During the tests carried out by Xiaomi, which were carried out on a modified MIX 4, the temperature, for more than 30 minutes, remained without problem below 47.7 ° C, while the version that did not have this cooling system was more than 5º above .

Xiaomi Loop Liquidcool

When can we enjoy Xiaomi's Liquidcool Loop technology?

For now, we must say that Lei Jun's company has limited itself to announcing this new technology and confirming that it will be included in its smartphones from the second half of 2022 .


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