{Disarmed} The wait is over: WhatsApp begins to deploy the login on several devices

The wait is over: WhatsApp begins to deploy the login on several devices

WhatsApp will be able to be used on several devices at the same time . Currently, WhatsApp only allows you to log in on a single device , and if you use it on your computer, both devices must be connected to the same WiFi network.

Using WhatsApp with the mobile off is now possible

The truth is that it is a fairly old system and one that has been criticized a lot, especially because Telegram, one of its main rivals, offers the possibility of using it anywhere without the need for backups, etc.

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Now the company has begun to deploy the possibility of using the service from the computer without the need for our mobile phone to be connected to the WiFi network.

Even if your mobile is turned off, you can send messages from your computer , both through the web version and the desktop application.

At the moment, iOS users are the first to enjoy this new functionality, although Android users will probably be able to enjoy this option very soon.

update WhatsApp Web

Specifically, the version of WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop that includes this novelty is 2.2142.12. From these clients you can make calls, video calls, send messages, among many other actions even with the mobile off.

This functionality has appeared by surprise, just when you enter any of the WhatsApp applications for the computer, it will ask you to update it and you will be able to enjoy all these advantages.

Pair other devices

In the future, this function will probably be added the possibility of using the service on more than one device.

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How do I know how many contacts I have?
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