{Disarmed} Two Redmi 10 getting closer and closer with a curious combination of cameras

Two Redmi 10 getting closer and closer with a curious combination of cameras

Well yes, this news that seemed simply a rumor continues to take shape and is that, although it may seem incredible, Xiaomi is already preparing the renewal of a phone that barely has four months on the market and that, apparently, will undergo a small wash of expensive for the next year 2022 with up to two new devices.

We are talking precisely about the Redmi 10 2022 , which has been registered in several certifying units such as TKDN, SDPPI, CEE and has even appeared in the TUV database , and from which we have already been able to extract information about the cameras that it will mount thanks to well-known leakers Yabhishekhd and XIAOMIUI .

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One of the cameras will be removed and the main 50 megapixel sensor will be retained

As we tell you, the new Redmi 10 2022 has been certified in several places under the model number 21121119SG , which indicates that it will be a device that will be sold globally, something that surprises us given the short life of its brother Redmi 10 that we continue to enjoy today.

Redmi 10 2

Apparently, everything seems to indicate that Xiaomi would have decided to eliminate one of the four camera sensors that we saw in the Redmi 10 giving way to only three cameras, but with a higher overall quality. The main sensor would continue to maintain a resolution of 50 megapixels , but it would go on to mount a Samsung S5KJN1 or OmniVision OV50C40 , something that still does not seem to be clear.

What also raises doubts is what other two sensors will accompany this terminal, which would be a Sony IMX355 8 megapixel lens (which would be the ultra-wide-angle sensor) and an OmniVision OV02B1B or GalaxyCore GC02M1 camera of which we do not know. what its function will be in the end , although some rumors point to a macro lens.

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MIUI 12.5 functions on MIUI 12? Now it is possible thanks to this tool

Yes, what catches our attention is that, apparently, this phone would not arrive alone, since as we have been able to know thanks to XIAOMIUI, this device will be divided into two supposed models called Redmi 10A and Redmi 10C or POCO C4 , so that it could be simply different denominations oriented to other markets, or two different teams with slight internal differences.

Redmi 10 2022

As for the rest of the specifications we do not know too much, but everything seems to indicate that this small facelift will also include a change in its processor , although there is still no information about it, and some other small tweaks that would come to complete a device. that today is able to offer a very good experience taking into account the price of the product.

Sources | Yabhishekhd , XIAOMIUI

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