{Disarmed} Three ways to fix headphones that don t sync with our device

Three ways to fix headphones that don't sync with our device

Many of us use wireless headphones in our daily lives to listen to music or view content on our mobile phone, computer, tablet or other electronic equipment. Bluetooth technology is responsible for making these products can synchronize with each other wirelessly but, on certain occasions, this connection is not always 100% reliable.

Some users report some synchronization errors between their wireless headphones and their mobile device, so we are going to show you up to three different ways to be able to restart them so that the synchronization is carried out correctly in case of error.

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Restart the headphones through the button located on the product's own charging case

It is not something generalized, but many of the true wireless type headphones that we can find on the market include a charging case to precisely charge their internal battery and be able to transport them comfortably.

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In some of these models we find a small button either on the external or internal part of the case itself which can be used either to establish the synchronization with our mobile device for the first time, or to be able to unpair these headphones and re-establish said connection.

For this reason, we will only have to insert our headphones into the case and keep this button pressed for about 5 - 10 seconds until they are completely restarted, with which we can reconnect them to our equipment in order to solve any connection problem.

Restart the headphones by pressing and holding the touch areas of the headphones

As we told you, not all headphones of this type always incorporate this button in their charging case , so we will have to resort to the second of the reset mechanisms that, for practical purposes, provides an identical result to the first one.

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To carry out this process, we will only have to place the headphones inside their charging case and press and hold the touch zone of both headphones at the same time (or physical buttons if they have them) for about 10 - 15 seconds until they fully reboot and can re-sync with our core team.

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The solution of a lifetime, turn off and on or desync from the phone settings

To finish with this small compilation of tricks to solve the synchronization of our headphones with our mobile device, it is the oldest known solution in a technological product and that is, if it does not work, turn it off and turn it on again.

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This can save us on more than one occasion in the event that we cannot solve our problem, and taken to the field of true wireless, the best solution is to insert the headphones in the box and redo the synchronization process from scratch.

Of course, another mechanism that usually works is to unpair the headphones from the Bluetooth settings of our phone or main equipment. To be able to do so, you only have to follow these steps:

Bluetooth headphones
  • Access your device's Bluetooth settings
  • Click on the headphones that you have connected through said connection
  • Scroll down and select the option "Desynchronize"
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