{Disarmed} The three tricks to find the best deals during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

The three tricks to find the best deals during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday

After 11.11, comes Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday , where there is such a barrage of offers that on many occasions we do not know if we are buying something at a price as good as they tell us. Today we are going to show you the best tricks to make sure that an offer is as good as they tell us.

External tools are your friends

If you don't want to be bullied, you need to take into account a series of tricks that can make you detect if an offer is good. Do not trust the sale you see, check it. It is usual that days before Black Friday, stores raise the price of their products momentarily to be able to show a big discount.


Luckily, there are tools that nowadays monitor all the price changes of the different prices in the different stores, so it is more complicated for such an event to occur.

The tracker: a fundamental piece


Despite the fact that many times we buy from the smartphone, checking offers from the computer can avoid many annoyances , although there are also options so that they do not sneak it from the mobile.

The tracker is installed as an extension in your browser and is used to show you a graph that shows the evolution of the price of a certain product over time.

Keepa or CamelCamelCamel are the most popular. Keep in mind that they only work on Amazon , but they are still really useful. In addition, you can put alerts on the different products to notify you when a product of your interest drops in price.

This graphic appears alone on the product information page , so you do not even have to interact directly with the extension or go to its website.

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If you do not like to install extensions in your browser, you can always use the Offer Checker , a web page where you can also find out how good the offer of said product is.

Last but not least, Idealo is a comparer that has a mobile app with which you can see the Keepa graph similar to that of keepa, but in this case of the different stores.

Telegram bots, the great unknown

Telegram bots

Telegram is a messaging service that competes face to face with WhatsApp. However, it has a really useful feature, and that is that it allows users to create bots for certain acts. In this case, we will show you some to notify you when a product you are looking for drops in price.

One of the most popular is ChollakoBot . It is very easy to use and a very simple way to filter among the many telegrams that exist.

Be careful , if you still don't know what you want to buy, our colleagues from Compradicción or Xataka Selección have their own bot, others like Reaconchollos focus their spying eye on reconditioned products.

Finally, if you want to have all the shipments of your orders under control, MiTracking is one of the ways to track your shipments and thus be aware of when they will arrive, something key considering the logistics saturation that usually exists at this time of year. .

Flash offers, the key to savings

Flash deals

Most of the worthwhile offers are flash, for the units are limited. It is true that on many occasions it forces us to be very alert to the sections of the different stores , but it may be worth it if in the end we are going to get a very good price for the product we want so much.

At Amazon, for example, we have the following sections that can be really useful:

  • The savings point , designed primarily for Amazon Business users, although accessible to everyone.
  • Access to the Top offers , only for Amazon Prime users .
  • The offers of the day , although we can also find the flash offers of the day through this other link .
  • The best discounts at Amazon Warehouse , the service for selling refurbished products.

Remember also that being an Amazon Prime user, you can get even better offers. You can become a user through this link trying 30 days for free.

HBO Max at 4.99 euros a month forever

HBO Max at 4.99 euros a month forever

RRP on HBO MAX € 4.99
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