{Disarmed} So you can eradicate the carousel of wallpapers on your Xiaomi

So you can eradicate the carousel of wallpapers on your Xiaomi

It seems that the Carousel of wallpapers is not liking much. And that we are talking about a function introduced in MIUI 8 , brought back to MIUI 12.

As we read from the official Mi Community , it seems that many Mi Fans are unhappy because they prefer to choose their wallpaper and not bet on a function at the mercy of today. So well, for those who do not want to use it again, let's see how to banish this function.

A somewhat intrusive carousel

On more than one occasion you have asked how this problem is solved. As we have already seen , once it is activated, deactivating it is somewhat more complicated. Even if we deactivate the function, the last image background associated with the last news item you saw remains the default , forcing you to choose another desktop background manually.

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The wallpaper carousel is a service that displays a high resolution image, purposely chosen to illustrate current news . This news belongs to relevant media and is displayed based on our collected information. That is, if you like soccer, you will see many wallpapers of soccer fields and balls that, when touched, will send you to news related to the world of the beautiful game.

How to enable or disable the wallpaper carousel
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How to enable or disable the wallpaper carousel

In sum, the carousel is presented as a service of "incredible images and exciting stories to enjoy every day", " an exciting way to unlock your phone ". However, it is a tool that collects private information about our tastes, uses and trends. From the 'Privacy Policy' we can verify how these files are stored and how they are transferred to third parties.


In fact, the third-party user agreement makes it clear that we are fully responsible for information leaks or other risks. But this is another struggle that we can tackle at another time. Let's see how to eradicate it — is the word, yes — once and for all. Follow this route:

  • Go into Settings .
  • Scroll down to the ' Always-on screen and Lock screen ' feature.
  • Scroll down to ' Wallpaper Carousel ', tap on this feature and enter.
  • In the new window deactivate the Carousel. If it is the first time you enter, it will ask you to activate the ' terms and conditions '. We assume that you have already activated it before, so you want to delete it.
  • Now, in this new tab, tap on ' Withdrawal of consent '. You may need to double tap on this switch to formally withdraw your consent.
  • Doing so will cause you to be kicked out of the 'Wallpaper Carousel' feature, however it will no longer appear.
  • Finally, if the icon that invites you to try the Wallpaper Carousel appears, you just have to ignore the warning or delete it , nothing more.

It is always said that in every use of an application there is a contract signing, an acceptance of rights and obligations to be able to make use of said app. The problem is that we usually accept these conditions without reading them and the usual thing is to grant permits without thinking that, in reality, we are carrying out a legal agreement similar to the purchase of a car or the rental of a home , only with digital goods.

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How to sign digital documents on your Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO without the need for a printer

This is, in short, the trick for not accessing the Wallpaper Carousel: not accepting the terms and conditions of the user agreement and the privacy policy with the providers Glance, Kachaa, WULI and Pulse, revoking access to said the function itself.

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The news So you can eradicate the wallpaper carousel on your Xiaomi was originally published on xiaomist by Isra Fdez .


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