{Disarmed} Samsung is still distributing 4th beta of Android 12 / OneUI 4 for Galaxy S21 series [G99xBXXU3ZUK1]

Samsung Galaxy S21 series One UI 4-Beta Android 12

It was actually assumed that there would be no new Android 12 beta for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series. But today Samsung has distributed Beta # 4 of the new test version of the user interface One UI 4 to this tester.

Samsung today released a new Android 12-based One UI 4.0 beta update for the Galaxy S21 series that brings a number of bug fixes and improvements. This has the designation G99xBXXU3ZUK1.

As expected, these current beta updates are all about fixing bugs reported by Galaxy S21 users. From the Wi-Fi hotspot feature not working to the degraded performance when the highest screen resolution is chosen, there is a ton the latest beta tackles. It also removes the stretching effect that activates when you reach the end of a list - this stretching effect was added with the previous beta update and has now been removed for some reason.

The final stable version of the update should not be long in coming and will be released worldwide before the end of the month.


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