{Disarmed} Samsung Galaxy S21 FE will reportedly only be sold in Europe

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE header

Despite allegedly persistent problems with the availability of components, Samsung has apparently decided to finally bring the Galaxy S21 FE to market . According to the South Korean newspaper Ddaily, however, the company is planning to sell the model only in Europe.

It is reported that Samsung, as suggested in some reports, was considering canceling the phone, but the head of the cellular communications department, Roh Tae-moon, was determined to release it. After all, the previous model, the Galaxy S20 FE, was a huge sales success. Whether the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE can build on that success remains to be seen, but it looks increasingly difficult considering that the device will no longer be competitive when it hits the market.

Samsung fears that the Galaxy S21 FE could undermine the Galaxy S22 series marketing campaign and also affect sales of the Galaxy A series mid-range phones. Even telecommunications companies apparently weren't interested in selling the budget flagship.

Samsung is said to have finally decided to only sell the phone in Europe, and according to the report, it will be sold through a few carriers.


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