{Disarmed} Samsung Galaxy S20 series: Android 12 / One UI 4 Beta is distributed

Samsung Galaxy S20 One UI 4.0 Beta Program

It was announced yesterday that Samsung will soon launch the Android 12 / One UI 4.0 beta program for the Galaxy S20 series. Interested Samsung Galaxy S20 owners can now start beta testing the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 user interface. The beta has now started in the US, and it should soon be ready in Germany.

At the moment, the One UI 4.0 Beta is available for the Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra in the US. If you want to install the update on your Galaxy S20 smartphone, you have to install the Samsung Members app, log in with your Samsung account and then click on the banner for the One UI Beta program on the app's homepage.

The One UI 4.0 update, based on Android 12, brings a revamped UI design, complete with color themes inspired by Google's Material You. The new software also brings more widgets with a newer design, an updated widget picker menu, updated stock apps, improved Samsung Internet and Samsung keyboard apps, as well as better data protection and security.

Presumably, Samsung will start the Android 12 / One UI 4 Beta for the Galaxy S20 series in Germany in the next few hours.


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