{Disarmed} Rooting malware is making a comeback: 7 very dangerous Android apps discovered, delete them immediately!

Android malware

Security researchers at the Lookout Threat Lab have identified new rooting malware that is being distributed via Google Play and well-known third-party stores such as the Amazon Appstore and the Samsung Galaxy Store.

The malware was named "AbstractEmu" because it uses code abstraction and anti-emulation checks to avoid execution during analysis. A total of 19 related applications were uncovered, seven of which contain rooting functions, including one on the Google Play Store that had more than 10,000 downloads. To protect Android users, Google immediately removed the application after it was informed of the malware.

Widespread malware with root functions has become rare in the past five years. As the Android ecosystem matures, there are fewer exploits targeting large numbers of devices, making them less useful to threat actors.

Although rare, rooting malware is very dangerous. You can silently grant yourself dangerous permissions or install additional malware - steps that would normally require user interaction. The extended permissions also give the malware access to sensitive data from other applications, which is not possible under normal circumstances.

The following apps are affected

App name Package name
All passwords com.mobilesoft.security.password
Anti-ads browser com.zooitlab.antiadsbrowser
Data saver com.smarttool.backup.smscontacts
Lite launcher com.st.launcher.lite
My phone com.dentonix.myphone
Night light com.nightlight.app
Phone Plus com.phoneplusapp


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