{Disarmed} POCO officially announces its new product ecosystem: these will be the devices we will see soon

POCO officially announces its new product ecosystem: these will be the devices we will see soon

From now on, POCO will not be solely a company dedicated to making smartphones . This was announced by Kevin Qiu, CEO of POCO, in an interview with Android Authority in which we have been able to discover that they already speak in terms of the ecosystem when we refer to the POCO firm.

Kevin Qiu spoke about the company's plans regarding the launch of different types of devices in the future, as well as answering questions about the "lifespan" of the proprietary firmware used in its phones, which could be incorporated into other devices in the future. like tablets made by themselves.

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2022, the date on which POCO IoT devices will begin to be produced

As indicated by Android Authority, the first products of the new POCO ecosystem (in addition to smartphones) will be headsets, laptops and power supplies.

Kevin Qiu himself has indicated that these devices called "IoT" will begin to see the light from next year 2022 , in addition to that we will be able to see a modification of the well-known POCO Launcher integrated into the company's smartphones to differentiate it from the solutions offered by Xiaomi and Redmi.

Little Headphones

Another interesting detail is that Angus Kai Ho Ng, POCO's head of marketing , has indicated that the launch of tablets by POCO will have to wait since "this market segment is now overcrowded and it is difficult to access for new competitors", for which, unfortunately, we will have to be patient to see a possible foray of POCO into the world of Android smart tablets.

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Finally, another statement that is worth highlighting is that of POCO's intention to modify its update strategy for its smartphones, which would move from the classic 2 + 3 cycle (two years of updates and three years of security patches) to a new 3 + 4 scheme, thus giving a longer useful life to the software integrated in their equipment, undoubtedly, magnificent news for users.

Little M3 Pro 5

It seems that the news could not be better after these statements by POCO, and it is that the company hopes to make the leap in not too long to a new ecosystem that gives it a greater presence in the market. The first device after this announcement will be the POCO M4 Pro 5G , which will be presented on November 9. We will see if this is the beginning of a beautiful story within the Chinese company.

Source | Android Authority

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The POCO news officially announces its new ecosystem of products: these will be the devices that we will see soon. It was originally published on xiaomist by Daniel Vega .


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