{Disarmed} The POCO F4 closer and closer: AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 898 and fast charging at 120 Hz

The POCO F4 closer and closer: AMOLED screen, Snapdragon 898 and fast charging at 120 Hz

The POCO F4 is getting closer and closer. When the river sounds, water carries it, at least most of the time . Rumors of the Redmi K50 are fanning and more and more leakers agree on some of its main details.

The POCO F4 getting closer and closer

POCO is already preparing its new flagship and rumors already point to different characteristics. The screen of the POCO F4 would be built with AMOLED technology, it is probably one of the sections in common between the different models, POCO F4, POCO F4 Pro, POCO F4 Pro Plus . As has happened in the Redmi Note 11 .

{"videoId":"x80hnvw","autoplay":true,"title":"POCO F3 ANÁLISIS tras primera toma de contacto - ¡LO QUERRÁS! Pero necesita mejoras..."}

As far as the processor is concerned, there is no specific model, but there is talk that all of them will mount Qualcomm processors from the 800 range . Probably the most complete model integrates the Snapdragon 898 , although it remains to be seen.

If we talk about the photographic section, this new generation of the POCO flagship will have a wide range of sensors , which would offer very good versatility when taking pictures. The main sensor would be 108 megapixels .

Finally, the filters point to a 5,000 mAh battery compatible with different fast charges that would range between 67 and 120 W. These features are in addition to the new technology of fingerprint sensor integrated into the screen that would be included in the company's new devices.

How do I know how many contacts I have?
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How do I know how many contacts I have?

As we mentioned, they correspond to rumors, although the sources are quite reliable and usually correct. Now, nothing is certain until the company officially introduces the new devices.

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