{Disarmed} OnePlus confirms that the Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition is coming

OnePlus Nord 2 PacMan

OnePlus has basically confirmed that a OnePlus Nord 2 Pac-Man Edition is coming. The company shared a picture on Instagram that doesn't show the phone, but essentially confirms Pac-Man rumors.

Max Jambor recently confirmed that this variant of the device will appear. Originally it was assumed that the technical data would be the same as the original OnePlus Nord 2. Well, they are almost identical, but not exactly, if one may believe Paras Guglani.

Paras Guglani is an Android developer and he shared the Pac-Man news that Max Jambor retweeted. Now it is claimed that the Snapdragon 778G will be included in this phone in place of the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 SoC.

We're not sure if there is any truth to it, so take it with caution. Other than that, the inner values ​​are expected to stay the same, and so is the design. Surely it will have a different paint job due to the Pac-Man theme, but the design should be the same.

We also expect some exclusive Pac-Man content on the device. OnePlus will likely preinstall some wallpapers, maybe even an icon pack, we'll see. A Pac-Man game will likely come pre-installed too, that would only be fitting.

It is not yet clear when this phone will hit the market.


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